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Riding on Empty — Craig Stephan’s Memoir Now Available at CreateSpace &

Riding On Empty - Book CoverWhat happens when a loved one dies – and you suddenly find yourself riding on empty?

Riding on Empty is the chronicle of an inspiring true story of two indomitable spirits: a mother who inspires her precious son to awaken to life and triumph over dyslexia and seemingly insurmountable odds to discover his authentic path and find the strength to heal from watching her tragic struggle with cancer.

Join Craig Stephan on this exhilarating motorcycle tour of the Grand Canyon and beyond, as he traverses the southwestern U.S. on his 1995 Electra Glide Harley Classic, looping through Sedona in search of inner peace, where he encounters a new perspective on life. Interwoven throughout this enchanting journey, we discover a heart-warming story about a man and his mother during her final days. This is Craig Stephan’s vivid portrayal of a life of courage, inspiration and love leading up to surrender. It is the story of how facing a loved one’s death can fill our hearts with unexpected joy, and so bring us all to cherish each moment of our life – including death.

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